Update: Grill Too Close Sent Fire Up Partridge Street House

An initial investigation points to a grill being to close to the house, which caused the fire to travel up the outside of the building on Sunday afternoon.


officials believe a grill being too close to a in a single-family home.

"We had a fire on the outside of the building," said Steve MacDonald, spokesperson for the BFD. "It was a grill too close to the house. And basically the fire travelled up the side of the siding and into the space above the house. It's the space below the roof, above the ceiling, but not an attic."

No one was injured in the single-family home fire. MacDonald said initial estimates of the fire at 89 Partridge St. listed the damage at $125,000. 

MacDonald said fire personnel were called to the scene at 2:54 p.m. and stayed about an hour. Fire could be seen on the outside of the house. 


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