Search Warrant Leads to West Roxbury Man Charged with Selling Crack

Police seized one medium plastic bag and 28 smaller bags containing crack. The following info is provided by the Boston Police Department, and where charges are mentioned it does not indicate a conviction.


A search warrant executed by the 's Drug Control Unit led to the arrest of a West Roxbury man charged with selling crack.

On Sept. 7 around 11:10 a.m., Ato A. Botsio, of 4965 Washington St. #205, West Roxbury, was arrested and charged with possession of a class B drug, crack-cocaine, with intent to manufacture, dispense and/or distribute. 

While conducting pre-raid surveillance, officers saw the target of a search warrant issued out of West Roxbury District Court, exiting the rear of the apartment buildings at 4985 Washington Street in West Roxbury. Officers approached the suspect, identifying themselves as BPD. Officers executed a search warrant of Botsio and recovered a set of keys, according to a Boston Police report.

Police then went into the apartment building to execute the search warrant of the suspect's residence on the second floor. Officers met a female who seemed to be leaving the apartment, and police identfied themselves and "announced in a loud clear voice that they were executing a search warrant and entered the open door." No one else was in the apartment and police brought the female and the suspect into the apartment, who were given a copy of the search warrant.

Botsio was read his Miranda Rights, which he said he understood. Cops asked Botsio if there were any illegal drugs in his room. According to a police report, Botsio said he had some crack in his bedroom. Officers then walked him into his room, and the suspect pointed to the top left drawer of his dresser, and the top shoe boxes to the left of the dresser, saying crack was in both locations, according to a Boston Police report. The suspect also allegedly told two officers there was money in a shoe box under his bed.

Poilce conducted a search of the apartment and seized items including: one box of plastic bags containing one medium plastic bag containing a beige rock substance believed to be crack-cocaine, and one plastic bag containing 19 plastic bags containing the same substance, from the dresser; nine plastic bags containing the substance believed to be crack-cocaine, from inside a sneaker to the right of the dresser in the room; $738 from inside a shoe box; $100 from the dresser drawer; cutoff baggies; one digital scale with a razorblade with white residue; and a second digital scale.

The female was searched and no evidence was recovered from her, according to a Boston Police report.

Keepitup September 11, 2012 at 11:35 AM
Nice work boys. This area of Westie is just overrun with drugs. Scary stuff. So close to a school too. Keep nabbin' them guys.


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