Wire Cutters, Wooden Pry Bar, Lead to Arrest in West Roxbury

The following article is based on a Boston Police report, and where charges are mentioned, it does not indicate a conviction.


Boston Police allegedly witnessed a Roxbury man trying to break into a West Roxbury home using a wooden board as a pry board.

On May 23, around 3:04 p.m., Craig Donahue, of 2297 Washington St., Roxbury, was arrested and charged with attempted breaking and entering into a residence, and daytime possesion of burglarious tools, according to a Boston Police report.

Upon arrival officers observed the suspect on the front porch at 5091 Washington St., in between the screen door, allegedly trying to gain entry by using the wooden board.

The suspect was commanded to stop, which he did, and during a pat-frisk a pair of black and red diagonal wire cutters were found in the suspect's pocket, according to a Boston Police report. 

A witness told police he saw the suspect walk down the driveway of 5087 Washington St., and enter the backyard. The witness said he allegedly saw the suspect cross over to 5091 Washington St., pick up the wooden board and head to the front entrance. 


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