Work Out World Employee Locker Lock-Cutting Leads to Jewelry Theft

A confusing situation of a shared locker leads to one member losing thousands in jewelry.


A member of told officers that he had locked his possessions in a locker and when he came back it had been cut off his locker, and about $6,000 worth of jewelry was missing.

The front desk attendant told police she had cut the lock off after a male guest came to her and said someone had placed a lock on his locker. The employee told police she made an announcement on the loud speaker asking for the owner of the lock to come and remove it, but no one came forward, so she cut off the lock.

Later the victim came and said someone had cut the lock of his locker and two items of jewelry valued at $6,000 was gone, according to a Boston Police report. He said some items were there, while others were not.

It is believed the locker was utilized by two people and one person had put his items high on a shelf and was difficult for the victim to have seen the locker was being used. 

The employee said she cut the lock off, but didn't look inside.


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