Animal Issues? Call Boston Animal Control

Boston Animal Control offers a variety of services to residents, including an animal shelter, and investigates animal welfare issues and more.

If you have an animal issue, such as a possum sleeping in your trash can (see attached photos), calling Boston Animal Control is a good way to remedy said animal problem.

You can call Animal Control at 617-635-5348 and they may give you simple advice, like tipping the garbage can over so the animal may leave at its own accord.

Depending upon the situation, a Boston Animal Control officer may come out to remedy situation. Other times you may be advised to call a private exterminator for animal issues.

Boston's Animal Control Department performs many tasks for the city including:

  • Enforcing pertinent legal ordinances and laws governing animals;
  • Investigate cases of animal abuse, and respond to incidents as requested by citizens;
  • Assist the Boston Police, Fire and Inspectional Services departments and Boston's Emergency Medical Service when requested;
  • Inspect licensed animal kennels, veterinarian hospitals, pet groomers and special animal exhibitions.

The City of Boston also operates its own Animal Shelter in Roslindale, staffed by a full-time veterinarian to care for the animals in the city's custody often found as strays. The shelter offers a well-supervised program for volunteers to assist in providing quality animal care.


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