Boston Ward 20 Democratic Caucus Delegates Elected

Delegates will attend the July 13 Massachusetts Democratic Convention in Lowell.


Boston's Ward 20 Democratic Caucus was held on Feb. 16 at the Boston Police E-5 Community Room to elect delegates to the July 13 Massachusetts Democratic Convention in Lowell.

The caucus was open to all registered Democrats residing in Boston Ward 20. The event was originally scheduled for Feb. 9, but was snowed out.

Here's the list of Ward 20 delegates elected:  

Leo Cornell
George Donahue
John Fiumara
Larry Connolly 
Tom Hantankas
Joe Haugh
Bill Smith
Steve Smith
Paul Sullivan
Don Feener
Rich Tarris
Charlie Ahern
Robert Orthman
Dan Fritz

Sue Anderson
Helen Haugh
Marilyn Larosa
Patricia Malone
Jennifer McGoldrick
Diana Orthman
Anita Salmu
Cathleen  Coleman Fiumara 
Carol White
Ann Cushing
Margaret Sullivan
Elaine Feener
Lisa Ochs
Liz Sullivan 

Sean Ryan
Bart Timilty
Ann Sullivan
Teri Cunningham

Roberta J. Casey-Cedrone "Bobbie" February 19, 2013 at 05:02 PM
To all Elected Ward 20 Delegates: Congratulations! Now keep in mind the Democratic Party Positions, on Gun Control, Women's Rights, Birth Control, War, Living Wage, The Middle Class, etc. when attending and voting at the Massachusetts Democratic Convention! Bobbie Casey-Cedrone
Mumbles February 21, 2013 at 03:14 AM
If you compare this list to the list from last year - http://westroxbury.patch.com/articles/ward-20-democratic-committee-delegates-selected - you see a LOT of overlap. That's what happens when your little clique has no website, Facebook page, or any way to make these meetings open and public. You get to keep electing all your friends!


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