CHART: Salaries of Massachusetts Mayors - Menino Tops List

Here's a look at what mayors across the Bay State earn each year.


Boston Mayor Thomas has the highest salary for any mayor in Massachusetts. The mayor of the largest city in the commonwealth earns $175,000. 

Boston's City Charter determines the the Boston mayor's salary.

Menino actually earned less in fiscal year 2010 when he took a three percent paycut, lowering his salary to $169,750.

The following chart does not include every Bay State mayor, but is compiled from the latest data we've been able to find and ranges all the way from $73,000 to $175,000:

City/Town Name Salary Salem Kimberley Driscoll $100,000 Beverly William Scanlon $106,047 Lynn Judith Flanagan Kennedy $82,500* Gloucester Carolyn Kirk $100,000* Newburyport Donna Holaday $85,000 Amesbury Thatcher Kezer $80,000 Haverhill James Fiorentini $90,000 Lawrence William Lantigua $100,000 Woburn Scott Galvin $73,000* Revere Daniel Rizzo $111,223 Everett Carlo DeMaria $105,000* Melrose Robert Dolan $99,896* Medford Michael McGlynn $135,500 Malden Gary Christenson $114,000 Somerville Joseph Curtatone $145,000 Boston Thomas Menino $175,000 Weymouth Susan Kay $110,375 Braintree Joseph Sullivan $105,000 Lowell Patrick Murphy $144,000 Springfield Domenic Sarno $95,000

* Kennedy currently earns $82,500, but that's due to a dispute over how the mayor's salary is set. The Daily Item of Lynn reports the Lynn City Council last voted on that salary in 1998 and since then the mayor has been considered a department head with a negotiated salary and other perks. Former Mayor "Chip" Clancy earned more than $145,000 his last year in office.

* Peabody City councilors gave a raise to Mayor Ted Bettencourt Thursday night -- just over 10 percent or $10,000 -- raising his salary to $105,000 and explained that it may seem like a "huge" bump but is actually making up for 12 years without any increases.

* Kirk's current salary is $75,000, but the Gloucester City Council has approved a pay raise effective January 2014.

* There is a proposal before the Woburn City Council to increase Galvin's salary to $105,000.

* DeMaria's salary will increase to $105,000 from $85,000 on January 2014.

* Dolan actively sought a $25,000 pay bump from the Melrose Board of Aldermen to put him at $125,000, arguing that he makes less than mayors and town managers in neighboring communities. The board recently agreed and Dolan's new salary is effective January 2014.

Henna Silva February 20, 2013 at 04:37 PM
I believe Mayor Menino deserves the salary he makes, he is the mayor of a major metropolitan city. Daily Boston based workers drive into our city making traffic a disaster , but the Dept. of Transportation deals with this. This chart really upsets me, not to put down any mayor on the list, for I am sure they are hard workers and love their city; however statistics from 2011, show population of Boston at 625, 087, Lawrence at 76,979, Somerville at 75,754 and Malden at 60, 071. Anyone can see Mayor Menino is dealing with at least 5k more people. Nuff said. Our Superintendent makes 100,00, more than our mayor, but her job is one that no one would gladly step into. But what really bothers me, doing this research, for a while I taught at a parish school, Blessed Sacrament in Jamaica Plain. Notoriously, Catholic Schools pay nothing, no union and will hire anyone to teach even those without a teachers certification. Here it comes: the Superintendent of the Catholic Schools, makes $350,000. Per year plus a teachers pension of $75,000. Every year. The tuition in Catholic schools is high, and the pay is pathetic! This is just another reason for me to affirm my decision concerning the Catholic Church.


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