Councilor Arroyo: Bring More Recycling and Ads to Streets

Councilor Arroyo proposing to have recycling bins right next to trash bins throughout Boston, similar to what other cities do.


Would you tolerate more advertising in the city if it meant convenient recycling receptacles on city sidewalks?

That’s what proposed Wednesday at this week’s meeting.

Arroyo said he recently visited Chicago, where he found recycling bins positioned with street trash cans. Upon further investigation, he said, he found out that the bins were provided and cleaned by a private company at no cost to the city. In exchange, the company places family-friendly advertising on the bins.

He called it a “no brainer” to bring this kind of program to Boston — whether it be with the company that operates in Chicago or with another firm.

The council supported the idea, which has been referred to committee, but it also brought back an old discussion.

, who had previously suggested that the city should raise funds by placing advertising on city websites, needs to “respectfully harness the power of advertising.”

Consalvo repeated his assertion that doing so could bring into the city’s general fund.

Other business:

The council approved the acceptance of $23 million in funding from the Department of Housing and Urban Development to be used for housing-related needs, including $16 million for community development block grants.

Consalvo noted that the $16 million number represented a 9 percent decrease from the department’s previous year funding, and a 50 percent decrease in its annual funding since 1975.

The council was also visited by Red Sox President and CEO Larry Lucchino, who the council for declaring in Boston.


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