Good Voter Turnout in West Roxbury

Ballot Question 3 is on a lot of voters' minds.

This ain't no Boston City Council Special Election today - as a high voter turnout has been seen so far in West Roxbury. 

"By noontime we had more than the City Council preliminary election," said Joyce Sprik, a poll worker at Ward 20 Precinct 10 at the . 

Kaye Ryan, a poll worker at the said that 10 to 15 people were lined up to vote before the site opened at 7 a.m.

"It's my civic responsibility," said Mea Allen, at the Beethoven School. "I always vote. It's important we all take part in our local elections."

Allen said was an important election issue for her because the government would have a hard time sustaining services if the state sales tax were lowered from 6.25 percent to 3 percent. 

Also unlike the past two months elections, there were fewer campaign workers outside of the polling stations, which probably had more to do with the chilly fall weather than anything else.

Outside of the were a group of Stand For Children employees, who were volunteering for MassVote. They held signs urging voters to vote 'no' on all three ballot questions, but especially one of the questions in particular. 

"We believe you should vote 'no' on Question 3 because it would be bad for kids and schools," said Katie Sagarin, referring to the possibility of the state sales tax being lowered from 6.25 percent to 3 percent, if the question passed.

As voter William Golden came out from the library, he said what drew him out to cast his ballot, "I come out every election. I like (Governor Deval) Patrick. And I like Mike Rush. And I like (Secretary of State William) Galvin. Those are three guys I come out to vote for." Golden added that the three ballot questions were also of interest to him.

Outside of St. George's there were two campaign workers who chose nepotism as to why they were supporting their candidate.

"He's my son," said Virginia Rush, of State Senate candidate Mike Rush, while with Mike's uncle, Michael Meagher.

Fellow Rush supporters, Mairead and Marcia Kean, a mother-daughter pair, were enjoying bonding time during Mairead's first election outside of the .

"I came home from Providence College," said Mairead.

Across the way at the voting site, Gary Park, owner of , said he'd be holding a sign to vote 'yes' on all day. It would repeal the alcohol sales tax.

"I'm getting a lot of thumbs up," said Park, adding that you never know what happens once people get their ballot. He said he'd be there until the tallies were posted. 


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