Meet Attleboro City Council Candidate Walter Thibodeau

Walter Thibodeau is running for Attleboro City Council, Ward 1.

Name: Walter Thibodeau

Seat: Attleboro Municipal Council, Ward 1

Education: Pawtucket Vocational High School

Offerings: After serving on the Attleboro Municipal Council for 14 years Walter Thibodeau was planning to step aside to give someone else the opportunity. That all changed when he discovered that also a City Councilor, made the decision to run for an at large seat instead of Ward 1. 

Thibodeau is running unopposed for the Ward 1 seat. This is the first time he has run opposed and stated that he would prefer to have competition. 

"The system is set up to have choices in candidates and I feel that this is natural and healthy," he said. He went on to say that it's human nature to feel comfortable and do enough to get the job done but he feels it is essential to go the extra mile. 

After receiving an honorable discharge from the United States Air Force he joined the Teamsters Union and drove a truck in the transportation industry until becoming disabled 15 years ago. Thibodeau turned his disability into the opportunity to serve the city he has called home for the last 30 years. Thibodeau raised four children in the city, three of which graduated from

Thibodeau, 63, said that his 14 years experience as a councilor at large and holding the position of vice president of the council makes him an asset to the municipal council. During his tenure he acted in a leadership role presiding when needed and was responsible to insure that meetings were run professionally, with respect and in a timely manner.

Being afforded the opportunity to hold the position of city councilor without the added responsibility of holding a full time job and raising a family allow Thibodeau to focus all of his efforts on his role as councilor. "I feel that the contacts I have gained at the local, state and federal level allow me the opportunity to serve in an effective and timely manner." 

Thibodeau stated that he has been receiving referrals from the Mayor's office for a number of years and that he prides himself on his ability to establish and maintain contacts that provide him the ability to best serve the residents of the city. 

Thibodeau indicated that he would like to see be open longer hours to better serve citizens who work a nine to five job. "The most pressing issue facing the city is to maintain or improve upon the existing level of services with the decreased level of resources." All departments in the city have faced layoffs and staff reduction, but the city still needs to maintain the ability to respond during snow storms and other situations.

He went onto say that a lot of headway has been made in the formation and permiting of theand that bringing business into the city is essential. Due to the dual tax structure increasing the amount of businesses in the city will reduce the tax burden on the residents. "It is imperative to do all we can to attract new business to the city."

Thibodeau stated that he would like to thank the residents of Attleboro for re-electing him to the City Council for seven terms and that he looks forward to the opportunity to continue to serve the city.   

Walter Thibodeau September 20, 2011 at 02:53 PM
To all who read this interview, please be advised that I am not 67, but I am 63, I don't have 14 ears, but I do have 14 years of experience and I did not say that the made reductions of employee's though lay off's, I did however say reductions were made in all departments through attrition, avoiding lay offs. I also said that it was an asset to me to be the Vice President of the Council, not for me. I hope these corrections help, Deb. Thanks, Walter Thibodeau
Deb Gould September 21, 2011 at 01:13 PM
Walter, Thank you very much for the clarification! Deb


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