Menino Running City While in Hospital Past Election Day

Mayor Thomas Menino remains hospitalized with an upper respiratory infection and a blood clot in one of his legs.


Boston Mayor Thomas Menino is continuing to lead the city from Brigham and Women's Hospital while he is treated for an upper respiratory infection and a blood clot in his leg.

He is expected to remain there through at least Election Day, and probaby longer. Menino's been in the hospital since October 26, after he returned from an anniversary trip with his wife Angela. 

"He's good. He remains at Brigham and Women's Hospital. He's getting better," said John Guilfoil, spokesperson for the Mayor's Office.

Menino has also continued to govern, added Guilfoil, "He'd have it no other way."

Through daily conversations, Menino has been in touch with cabinet members, as well as the city council - and was very involved with Boston's response to Hurricane Sandy.


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