Menino Transferred to Spaulding Rehab; Also Diagnosed with Diabetes

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino was transferred to Spaulding Rehab today from Brigham & Women's Hospital.


Boston Mayor Thomas Menino was transferred to the Spaulding Rehabilitation Center from Brigham & Women's Hospital to continue his recovery process.

No timetable was set for how long the mayor will remain at Spaulding, said Dr. Charles Morris, Menino's physician at Brigham. Morris said that will be up to Menino and the Spaulding staff. The mayor will be performing occupational and physical therapy while at Spaulding.

"The mayor is being transferred to Spaulding Rehabilitation to begin the next phase of recovery… to get back to where he was," said Morris. 

Morris also revealed that Menino has been diagnosed with having Type-2 Diabetes. An elevated blood sugar level led to the diagnosis. 

Morris said Brigham staff has been working with Menino to teach him about diabetes, to learn how to navigate his diet and more.

Menino was admitted to Brigham on Oct. 26 with a viral infection. While in the hospital a blood clot was found in his leg, and a back compressure fracture was also found while Menino was in the hospital.

The fracture also led to an infection in the mayor's back that has since been treated, said Morris. The doctor said infections are common for patients who have multiple fractures, although Menino only had one fracture. He added that Menino can walk on his own, and that no surgery was needed.

Dot Joyce, the city's chief spokesperson said Menino is very excited to leave Brigham.

"He is absolutely able to focus on his work for the city," said Joyce "He’s itching to get back out there." 

Both Joyce and Morris said the mayor is in good spirits, but he'd rather be out in the city he loves. Added Joyce, "He's disappointed he can’t do what he normally does this time of the year."


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