O'Malley: "I Want the Term ‘Boston Driver’ to Become Synonymous with Safety"

West Roxbury District Councilor Matt O'Malley to lead hearing on improving driving safety in Boston. Also, more money for Shot Spotter to catch more suspects.


If you laugh at this, you’d be forgiven, but is serious: “I want the term ‘Boston driver’ to become synonymous with safety and civility,” he said Wednesday.

O’Malley asked for, and received, approval from his fellow councilors to hold a public hearing on how the city can make its streets safer for pedestrians and cyclists. 

Massachusetts currently has the 10th highest rating in the nation for pedestrian deaths for senior citizens, O’Malley told his colleagues, according to Transportation for America — which he said is a high rating the state should not be proud of.

Some of that can be blamed on Boston’s infrastructure, he suggested, which suffers from poor street design and insufficient or inadequate signaling infrastructure.

To reduce that death rate, he wants the city to institute traffic-calming measures such as more left-turn lanes, coordinated and lengthened crosswalk signals and other ideas that may be proposed at Tuesday’s meeting.

City could enhance “Shot Spotter” system

The council voted Wednesday to accept a $15 million Department of Homeland Security grant as part of the Urban Area Security Initiative.

Councilor Michael Ross said that the city could use the money for a number of initiatives to improve local security, including enhancing the city’s Shot Spotter system.

The system uses a series of microphones to locate gunshots, and Ross said further investment in the system could include a network of cameras.

Other uses for the funds, Ross said, could include improving local rapid response plans and improving local agencies ability to coordinate and share information with each other.

is widely recognized for bringing Shot Spotter to Boston, as BPD has caught suspects within minutes of gunfire due to the system.

Matt February 15, 2012 at 09:03 PM
Hey buddy why don’t you focus on something that is actually current and more wide spread, like the MBTA. Most Westie kids rely on the MBTA bus to get to and from school. I thought you were busy fighting for new doggie fountains up at Millennium. EMPTY SUITE


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