Photos: Election Day in West Roxbury

Elizabeth Warren supporters dominated the Holy Name parking lot before and after Scott Brown's visit.


While Republican US Senator Scott Brown's visit to West Roxbury drew attention, his opponent's campaign workers held their ground at the Holy Name School in West Roxbury.

Brown took hold of the Holy Name Rotary mid-morning, before heading off to his next campaign stop.

Above Brown from the school's parking lot, union worker Neal Kelleher of Dedham stood by in support of Warren. "I believe Liz Warren is the voice for working class America."

Several of Kelleher's colleagues agreed with him. 

"I've never seen any election this big," said Steve Slyne, former owner of Slyne's Deli. "This is unbelievable to have it be this close (with Brown and Warren)."

Slyne was holding a sign to "Vote No on Question 2" to not allow physician-assisted suicide. Slyne said he had a sister who was diagnosed with cancer and was able to live 10 more years, and had been diagnosed as terminal a decade before. 

Just inside the voter entrance doors were several Holy Name School sixth-graders running a bake sale. Said Nicole Smigliani, "We are selling it for Camp Agassiz." 

Fellow student Erin Duggan said the group was also selling entertainment coupon books that have raised $1000 for their end of the year trip.

Inside the polling location voters were coming and going quickly. Poll workers said voters were packed inside the location at 6:30 a.m., 30 minutes before voting opened.

Outside uncontested state Rep. Ed Coppinger, D-West Roxbury, smiled and greeted voters. 

"I think I'm OK," smiled Coppinger. "I think I should beat the write-ins and blanks."

On a serious note, Coppinger said he'd been at the Holy Name School since the morning and didn't remember seeing such a crowd to vote in any election.

"There are lines inside waiting to get to the tables," said Coppinger.


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