Photos: Mayor Menino Endorses Elizabeth Warren in Roslindale Village

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino chose to endorse Democratic US Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren in Roslindale Village.


Boston Mayor Thomas Menino endorsed Democratic US Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren today in Roslindale Village.

Here is a transcript of Menino's and Warren's remarks provided by the Warren campaign:

“Like many voters, I wanted to get to know Elizabeth Warren. You know how I made up my mind about this election? I thought to myself.  What if I wasn’t the Mayor. What if I was just a guy from Hyde Park who had a job with the city. Whose wife was an accountant and worried about their retirement savings. What if I was any guy who wondered how his two kids would send his six grandkids to college.  And whether they would have good jobs on the other end.  If I wasn’t the Mayor, who would speak up in Washington on my behalf? I thought to myself, if I was any guy from Hyde Park, Elizabeth would have my back, and so I have hers,” said Menino.

Warren greeted the crowd in Adams Park by saying: “I am deeply honored to have earned the support of Mayor Menino, who has been such a strong leader for the City of Boston. Tom Menino has long been one of the most powerful voices for working families here in the Commonwealth and throughout the country.  Throughout all of the amazing achievements of his career, he has never lost sight of where he came from - the neighborhoods of Boston. His tireless advocacy has helped revitalize Boston's neighborhoods, create a vibrant city, and strengthen our schools so that our kids and families have a fair shot at success and the American dream. I am proud to stand with Mayor Menino and I look forward to working together on this campaign and in our efforts to fight for a level playing field for hardworking men and women here in Boston and across Massachusetts.”

Got any photos you'd care to share of the event? Attach them to this article or email davide@patch.com. 


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