Scott Brown Picks Up Endorsement from Former Mass. Gov. Weld

William Weld endorsed incumbent U.S. Senate candidate Scott Brown on Friday.


Former Massachusetts Governor William Weld endorsed incumbent U.S. Senator Scott Brown on Friday, calling him a "breath of fresh air," and "motivated by open-minded independence."

“Scott isn’t swayed by pressure from the special interests, but rather by what makes good sense for the people of Massachusetts,"  said Weld. "He is a sorely-needed moderate voice, and his independent streak is exactly what we need to break through the partisan gridlock that too often grips Washington, D.C." 

The endorsement came during a press conference at Brown's South Boston headquarters. Brown, a Republican, is in what polls say is a tight race with Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren.

Brown credited Weld with "helping to bring the Massachusetts economy back to life."

“His independence and ability to work across the aisle are two traits that I admire very much," said Brown. 

Weld served as governor in Massachusetts from 1991-1997.


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