Brown in West Roxbury About Warren's Campaign Workers: "They can't compete."

Campaign workers at Sen. Brown's Spring Street office got a special surprise visit from the candidate himself on Monday night.


US Sen. Scott Brown and his wife Gail Huff stopped by his campaign office on Spring Street in West Roxury on Monday night.

While phone bankers finished up another round of calls, Brown spoke with campaign worker Lew Martin, who told the senator he was calling Brookline.

Brown asked, "How's it in Brookline?" After a so-so response from Martin, Brown said he'd like to get 40 to 42 percent of the vote in Brookline, a very Democratic-leaning city.

As Brown's wife Gail Huff greeted campaign workers, Brown joked with one worker, "How come you're not on the phone?!" 

After all the calls ended, Brown and Huff thanked his supporters. He told them they started off at Lowell at 5 a.m., then they split and he headed to Billerica.

"The energy level... it seems more intense on our side.." He added the Boston campaign office is packed, and he said he knows campaign work is often thankless, but that "it really matters, it really matters."

He said with 15 days left to go in his election race versus Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren, he's calling on his campaign offices to be open 12 hours a day - adding about his opponent and his campaign workers, "They can't compete."

Scott Brown is no stranger to West Roxbury, why on Saturday.

Neil October 23, 2012 at 01:21 PM
I can't take Scott Browns seriously when he says "The energy level... it seems more intense on our side.." after him making up, out of thin air, so many assertions. In fact my new instinct is to consider the exact opposite of what he claims. Maybe the energy is more intense on Warren's side. I don't know but I don't trust Scott. These are some of Scott's unbelievable assertions that stick in my mind; 1) He said Warren had paid actors in her commercials, who are actually surviving family members of mesothelioma victims. Naturally, they're insulted. Why would Scott even say it? 2) He claimed he served in Afghanistan when he visited for two weeks. When people say they served, they mean they served in combat. Scott was in the rear with the gear. That's just not right to steal their valor. 3) Scott reported on Fox 25 that he could confirm Osama Bin Laden was dead when in fact he'd seen an Internet hoax photo. 4) Scott leaked his own news -- that he'd be doing some "missions" in Afghanistan -- claiming someone else had dropped a dime. It was him! 5) Scott announced in a debate that he could look at Warren and know she had no native american family heritage just by looking. He's lost my trust.
S Sagawitz October 23, 2012 at 11:29 PM
You forgot his claim that he has "secret meetings with kings and queens." And actually, he only spent a week in Afghanistan; the rest of the seven days was spent in travel to and from. I am also bothered by that blow-up he had in 2012, when he "launched a profanity-laden tirade" in front of students at an assembly at King Phillip High School. His willingness to self-aggrandize (or to fantasize and believe it, or to outright fabricate) and his inability to control his mouth and temperament disqualify him, in my book. Besides, he is not very bright (I went to school with him; that's how I know). He had a minor law practice, doing real estate closings in his basement, while he dabbled in politics in his hometown and then as a minor member of the very minority party in the State House. What qualifies him for one of the 100 critical seats in the US Senate? The reason why


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