Sen. Rush: 'Irish-American Heritage Month... Please Celebrate Appropriately!'

How are you celebrating Irish-American Heritage Month - how about the Irish Social Club in West Roxbury?


Did you know that March is officially Irish-American Heritage Month in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts? 

State Sen. Mike Rush, D-Norfolk/Suffolk, also the State House's historian - did know, and mentioned it on his Facebook page.

"It is Irish American Heritage Month in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Please celebrate appropriately!" wrote state Sen. Mike Rush, D-Norfolk/Suffolk, about March's designation. (And if you're looking for more from Rush sign up for The Rush Report here.)

Rush also provided a link to Massachusetts General Law Chapter 6 Section 15FFFF, which states, "The governor shall annually issue a proclamation setting apart the month of March as Irish-American Heritage Month, in recognition of the significant contributions Irish-Americans have made to the commonwealth and to the United States. The governor may include such contributions as he shall see fit in such proclamation, after consultation with Irish-American groups, and shall recommend that said month be observed in an appropriate manner by the people."

"...said month be observed in an appropriate manner by the people."

So is this law outdated for modern times? Is is insulting to Irish-Americans? The same language is included in Massachusetts laws about Italian-American and Portuguese-American heritage months.

Let us know in the comments section.

Also, if you're looking for a good and safe Irish time, there is live Irish music on Friday and Sunday nights at the Irish Social Club in West Roxbury. Please celebrate responsibly.

Dan McCormack March 10, 2013 at 07:10 PM
I think you Mr. Ertischek are completely missing the point of the phrase "recommend that said month be observed in an appropriate manner by the people". I believe this phrase is an instruction to the community in general for whom Irish American Heritage Month is little know and rarely recognized. While much instructional time is concentrated on the contributions of other Heritage groups, the contributions of Irish Americans are often absent from our school curricula. The Smithsonian Institution celebrates (at public expense) four heritage months, yet despite Irish American Heritage month being proclaimed for over twenty years "America's Leading Educational Institution" has never "appropriately" celebrated Irish American Heritage Month. The law is not outdated, it is sadly needed as we see firms such as Spencer's and Urban Outfitters defame and denigrate the heritage of Irish Americans with their T-Shirts and other merchandise in a way they would never dream of attempting to do with other Heritage groups. I respectfully suggest Mr. Ertischek that rather attempting to turn the phrase "...said month be observed in an appropriate manner by the people" on its head to generate cheap controversy, you should ask why our Schools, Library's and institutions such as the Smithsonian recognize the contributions of other ethnic groups and heritage months but still have a 19th century attitude of "No Irish Need Apply" when it come to recognizing Irish American Heritage Month.


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