Sen. Scott Brown Learns About Bees; Talks Ayla's Band and Insider Trading Bill

US Senator Scott Brown read a book to kids at the Beethoven, stopped off at the Holy Name, Century 21, and Roche Bros.


US Senator Scott Brown enjoyed a whirlwind tour of West Roxbury this morning. He learned about bees at the , offered 's family, stopped off at and even did a little shopping at .

Starting at the Beethoven School, Brown donned his famous brown jacket, and was met by a throng of television reporters, who pelted him with questions about his daughter's band being paid to play at his campaign events. Brown preferred to talk about last night's passing of a US Senate bill banning insider trading by Congress.

Inside the school several eighth-graders from the , the Beethoven's feeder school, asked Brown to come to their school and give them a civics lesson. Brown shook hands with the students (and anyone he saw in West Roxbury) while exuding the charisma that captured Massachusetts voters in a surprise 2009 US Senate victory.

Before entering a classroom to read to children, Brown flashed his old school Tom Brady jersey. Throughout the morning he made sure people were rooting for the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl.

The senator made his way to read a book to the first-grade classes of Elaine Capobianco and Bridget Hennen. It was a book about bees, yet he didn't make it all the way through because the students taught Brown about bees. One student informed Senator Brown bees have two stomachs.

Impressed by the student, Brown retorted, "Are you sure this is the first grade?"

Brown's Beethoven bee lesson continued as little Bradys, Gronkowskis and Welkers showed him how bees flutter their wings.

"We have to be very careful (around bees)... How many people have allergies to bees?" asked Brown. A student let Brown know shots are administered to those who suffer shock from bee stings.

One student said, "My dog's named Brady and I got stung by a wasp once." Brown recounted the story of his dog, Snuggles, a shih-tzu that was chased by bees after "doing his business" possibly on a hive.

Before leaving Brown extolled the virtues of reading. He asked the kids to read five books in the next three weeks. He told the students he reads books often, and that food allergies and adoption are two of his favorite topics.

His next stop was brief, but an important one, at the offices of Carole White, the sister-in-law of former Boston Mayor Kevin White, who passed away last week. No White family members were present, so Brown asked Maureen Hayes Rossi to offer his condolences to the Whites.

Just a couple hundred feet away at the Holy Name School, Brown provided principal Lynn Workman with an award recognizing the school's "outstanding academic achievements and great moral character."

Hearing that former West Roxbury District Councilor John Tobin was in the building for Penguin Day, Brown sought him out. Tobin introduced the senator to his father-in-law and wife, also there for Penguin Day, as one of the Tobin's sons attends the school. Brown told Tobin that Beethoven School leaders credited Tobin with improving the Beethoven School during his time on the Boston City Council.

On his way out of the school Brown continually posed with students, parents and faculty for photos.

Then came Senator Brown's deja vu experience at Roche Bros. He reminisced of knowing his U.S. Senate candidacy had gained momentum when he campaigned at the supermarket in 2009.

"The first time I gathered signatures (for the U.S. Senate) I came here. It was traditionally a Democrats' area," said Brown, as shoppers greeted him and told him they'd be voting for him this year against Elizabeth Warren.

Store manager David Ordway and other Roche Bros. management greeted Brown inside the school by the fruit. Brown asked them how they were doing and how their families were doing. He asked which Roche Bros. was the most profitable in the state.

As he walked through the supermarket the loudspeaker announced he was needed in aisle three for a cleanup. "Nice try!" yelled Brown.

He even did a little shopping himself grabbing a Duraflame log, adding he didn't start his fires without them. Brown paid in cash and before heading out he shook some more hands, posed for some more photos and encouraged the Patriots.

In the parking lot Brown jumped into the black SUV, not his well-known pickup truck, and off he and his staff went for a lunch in metropolitan Boston.


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