West Roxbury Woman Creates Petition to Forego, Tone Down Election Parties

Anne Harvey Kilburn created a petition to tell President Obama to reign in the opulent parties while so many in the country are suffering.


A West Roxbury resident has created an online petition asking President Barack Obama to tone down the opulent re-election parties.

Anne Harvey Kilburn explained why she started the petition on Change.org.

"I created this petition based on a Facebook posting a friend of mine wrote this morning (Wednesday). I asked if I could 'share' it on my page and she agreed. It's a sense of duty, really, that we can all do something by sending a message not only to President Obama, but to his wealthy supporters -- corporations notwithstanding! -- to say please do the right thing and reign in the crazy, opulent parties when so many in this country are suffering unemployment and loss due to natural and other disasters in their lives," said Kilburn to West Roxbury Patch.

Kilburn also supported the President, adding, "I'm thrilled he was re-elected and I'm hoping that our voices will be heard."

Kilburn quickly started the petition on Change.org and you can sign the petition here.

This is the petition letter that can be seen on the site:

Please forego or at least tone down most of the inaugural parties/festivities. 
We have a fiscal crisis in this country. This is the time to put words to action and set an example for our children. Yes, the festivities/parties are paid by private funds but those funds could be put to much better use by helping organizations that benefit our veterans, children, elderly, environment, you name it! This is another opportunity for those with big bucks to gain access that the majority of us will never have! We should celebrate, yes, but reasonably in light of compromise, cooperation and fair play for all the citizens of the USA. And remember, taxpayers will still pay for security to screen party-goers at any of the balls the President chooses to attend and the costs can be staggering.

As of 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, there were 24 signers to the petition.


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