YOUR TURN: Do Brown and Warren's Visits to West Roxbury Matter to You?

US Sen. Scott Brown was in West Roxbury on Tuesday morning, and has made a habit of visiting. Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren has also visited West Roxbury. But how much do their visits to West Roxbury matter to you?


How much does it matter to you as a West Roxbury resident that Republican US Senator Scott Brown or his Democratic opponent Elizabeth Warren visit the neighborhood?

Brown was in West Roxbury again on Tuesday morning. Warren has visited West Roxbury at least once this year. Both candidates have campaign offices on Spring Street, so they see the importance of West Roxbury.

Brown has been making regular visits to West Roxbury since running for the US Senate seat vacated with Ted Kennedy's passing. Brown won in a special election in 2010. In that election in West Roxbury, Brown beat his Democratic opponent Martha Coakley, the current state Attorney General, by a fractional margin, with both candidates getting 49% of the vote.

Brown obviously has a running start on visiting West Roxbury as the incumbent, but how often do you want your US Senator to show up in your local neighborhood? Remember they represent the whole state, but also deal with national and international affairs. For example, Massachusetts' other US Senator, John Kerry, is noted for his international affair work, so that takes him out of the country.

Their jobs are also based in Washington DC, where they must cast their votes for legislation. 

So how much does it matter to you how often that Brown or Warren visit West Roxbury? Leave your comment below.

Neil October 17, 2012 at 04:07 PM
It matters more to me when they come to speak and take questions than if they come essentially to get votes. How they vote on bills is what matters and leadership -- whether they have the ability to influence other senators and the White house to support initiatives that help Mass residence. Showing up to be a celebrity is entertainment, not governance. Showing up to listen helps the Senator be more responsive to the needs of the district. Showing up to get votes is inevitable but insufficient.


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