Boston School Deficit Could Result in Layoffs This Year

An initial budget includes a $14 million shortfall that could result in layoffs by June 30.

Photo credit: Patch file photo.
Photo credit: Patch file photo.

Boston Public School officials may need to decide whether to lay off teachers and other staff if the school system can't resolve its current budget crisis, the Boston Herald reported Friday

Boston Public School interim Superintendent John McDonough this week presented an initial budget that included a $14 million shortfall, but McDonough and Boston School Committee Chairman Michael O'Neill said it is too early to tell if teachers would need to be laid off, according to the Herald. 

The deficit, though, may force school officials to look at layoffs on a school-by-school basis. McDonough told employees at the BPS central office this week that he can't guarantee their jobs past June 30, according to the Herald. 

jshore February 09, 2014 at 03:11 PM
Boston Public School Teachers and Paraprofessionals in direct service to children, made BPS the Number 1 urban school district in the Nation. It wasn't the data aggregators and pencil pushers warming a chair at the district office. So before any Boston Public School Teacher or Paraprofessional, in direct service to children, at a school, is laid off, BPS needs to look at those Court Street positions that were “on-boarded” with Race to the Top (RTT) money. When those people were hired, and took those positions, they knew their days were numbered with the end of RTT. The $14 million dollar deficit can be found in those positions. RTT was supposed to fund something sustainable, it didn’t. Just how many jobs at Court Street, and throughout the BPS, were funded with RTT money? How did the BPS expect to pay for these people when the RTT funds ran out in June? For example, the dubious office of “Teacher and Leadership Effectiveness” was which only started in June 2011, was paid for with RTT money that runs out in June! Yet, just this past September, several new staff members were hired for that department, fully knowing that funds to sustain that department, and those individuals, would be gone! Again, how did BPS expect to pay for these people “going forward! I don’t think it is unreasonable to think, given the bias, dubious “data” generated out of the "Office of Teacher and Leadership Effectiveness," that the plan was to replace veteran teachers, and veteran teachers of color, with younger cheaper teachers. This would keep that department afloat and rationalize their existence to the public! (Keep in mind all they do is “aggregate data!”) Where this was going became especially clear to me when it was announced that “Teacher and Leadership Effectiveness” was being merged (hidden) with “Human Resources” and will now become the bloated “Department of Human Capital!” What an organizational conflict of interest! How is that in the best interest of Boston’s children!


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