Investigative Journalist, Radio Host Michelle McPhee Visits St. Theresa's School

The author and local radio talk show host stopped by St. Theresa's in West Roxbury to talk to students.


Emmy-nominated investigative journalist, WRKO radio talk show host Michelle McPhee stopped by the St. Theresa's School on Tuesday to talk to students.

Patch was unable to attend the event, but St. Theresa's School passed along the attached photos.

It's too bad because McPhee is very entertaining, whether you agree with or not. Take for example the following Top 10 list she wrote on her website on Sept. 24, well before President Barack Obama was reelected.

Michelle McPhee's Top 10 Things Obama Should be Doing Instead of Letterman.

  1. Go to an Intelligence Briefing.
  2. Figure out how to stop soldiers from being murdered with American taxpayer-funded guns in Afghanistan.
  3. Ask Eric Holder to resign.
  4. Find the missing Fast and Furious guns.
  5. Tell his pal Ralph Lauen to stop manufacturing those ridiculous berets.
  6. Sign letters to families of falle n Navy Seals&ldash;without a computerized pen.
  7. Have a beer summit with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
  8. Transition 47 million Americans off “transitional” assistance aka food stamps.
  9. Ask the DOJ why they coordinated with a liberal blog to spin the Black Panther nul pros story.
  10. Tell us the truth about the warnings the State Department received about the plan to attack the US Consulate in Libya.

What do you think of McPhee's Top 10 list? What would you want President Obama to do? What would you like to ask McPhee? Let us know below.


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