Boston Public Schools Set to Improve Recycling Program

As BPS looks to update its recycling policy, each Boston Public School will have single stream recycling.

All Boston Public Schools buildings will have single stream recycling curbside pickups come fall.

The school system has had a contract for single stream recycling since May 1, according to  for Boston Public Schools. Many Boston neighborhoods participate in single stream recycling already, which means paper, glass, plastic and metal can all be recycled together. The items are then sorted at a recycling center.

Beierle said each school had been asked informally to identify a recycling coordinator, who would be the school's point person and advocate for recycling. Beierle said about 30 of 125 schools have recycling coordinators already.

She added that the school system hasn't made an official announcement about single stream recycling being available to all schools in the district, and that some schools may not be aware of the opportunity at present time. She said all schools will participate in single stream recycling come next school year.

Also, Beierle added there will be a public campaign in the fall to let residents, students, teachers and school staff learn about the new recycling program.

In an (attached) letter written by Khadijah Brown, Director of Facilities Management for the school system, he wrote that Superintendent Carol Johnson, the Boston Health Commission, Facilities Management and Boston School Committee, have submitted letters in support of single stream recycling.

Boston's schools have been recycling individually and independently for years, with teachers and staff organizing it for each location. At schools throughout the district, it has been commonplace to see teachers bring recycling in the cars to their neighborhoods, or recycle ink cartridges at Staples.

Starting in September, the school system's Facilities Management Department will help each school implement the new program. Equipment such as recycling carts are currently on order for the fall. 

According to the school system's budget, the district spends close to $1 million annually on hauling trash. School administrators expect single stream recycling will save money, which could then be put back into the district.

Boston Public Schools have had a recycling policy since 1997, which allowed schools to recycle cardboard, paper and styrofoam.

What do you think of BPS' plan to have curbside single stream reycling throughout the district? What do your local schools do for recycling right now? 

Rickie Harvey July 05, 2012 at 11:28 PM
This is a wonderful endeavor and, among other benefits, will teach our school children that recycling should be a way of life everywhere, not just in our homes. West Roxbury Saves Energy salutes this effort!


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