10 Random Facts About Tony Saroufim

The Saroufim Army took over Millennium Park during the unofficial mayor of West Roxbury election, but it's a soccer-playing and friendly army...


The falling of the Berlin Wall, the invention of the airplane, and the New Kids on the Block revival - all important events in the history of mankind. On Friday night, March 30, in the year of 2012, there will be a cataclysmic event happening at the Irish Social Club of Boston - in West Roxbury.

The inauguration of the first unofficial mayor of West Roxbury will take place starting at 7 p.m. This is a Patch.com-sponsored event. The parade starts from the Gormley Funeral Home at 7 p.m. Line Centre Street from there to the Corrib Pub. The inauguration will take place inside the halls of the Irish Social Club with featured guests Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, US Sen. Scott Brown and more. A suggested donation of $10 will go to several Parkway area charities of the nominees choosing.

One of the nominees for the unofficial mayor of West Roxbury was Tony Saroufim, the leader of the Saroufim Parkway Youth Soccer Army that guards our sacred .

Tony shared 10 random facts about himself, as did fellow nominees: , , , and .

1) Tony Saroufim's last name originates from the Bible, as a eraphim is a class of angels.

2) Tony Saroufim got involved with in 1987 when his eldest son, Joe, 5, started playing. "My wife volunteered me to be assistant to coach Mark Perakis. Tom Tower and Bruce Romano were co-president at that time and all games were played on two fields at . The next year (1988) my wife again signed me up as a coach and volunteered to create a soccer database and automate the registration process, team assignments and scheduling. Bruce Romano resigned when his kids outgrew the soccer program and Tom Tower and I were co-president for few years, then Ken Martin replaced Tom Tower, then Bob Lawler..."   

3) Tony Saroufim does not have a "go-to" soccer move. "Soccer was the means to provide youth sports activities. It could have been any sport." 

4) Tony Saroufim's favorite soccer player of all-time "is a toss between Pele and Diego Maradona."

5) Tony Saroufim chose the American Arabic Benevolent Association for his charity of choice because "AABA has made safe and affordable housing available for hundreds of seniors and individuals with special needs. They also provide activities and other aids to elderly."

6) Tony Saroufim's dream trips include Australia, Brazil and China.

7) Tony Saroufim's favorite places to eat in West Roxbury are , the and .

8) Tony Saroufim's favorite Bostonian of all-time, dead or alive is Mayor Thomas M. Menino. "He is really a great person, honest, great integrity and he does care about the well been of the Bostonian. He works very hard to make sure Boston is a great place to live."

9) Tony Saroufim suggested being called "Commissionaire of Youth Sports (Soccer) while Richie Gormley is the Lord Mayor, and TD is the Deputy Mayor.

10) Tony Saroufim's happiest moment would be... "I’m blessed with many happy moments, I have to say when my first boy Joe was born."


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