Hundreds Line Up At Real Deal Deli to Meet Bruins Player

Fans lined up along Centre Street and around the corner to meet feisty Bruin winger Brad Marchand.

Brad Marchand was scheduled to arrive at the at 4 p.m. By 3:30 the line to meet the Bruins winger and Stanley Cup winner reached around the block and nearly to the end of Hastings Street. The single police officer minding the crowd was joined by another, and then two more as officers on bicycles and a police van was stationed at the end of Hastings Street blocking traffic down the one-way street.

Two female fans were first in line, having arrived nearly two hours before Marchand was scheduled to arrive. One, a David Krejci fan, said she'd like to ask Marchand out on a date. Unfortunately for her, Marchand has a girlfriend according to his blog on ESPNBoston.

Marchand was late, but fans didn't seem to mind, and although fans were warned that the autograph signing would end at 6 p.m. sharp, they were still being escorted into the adjoining Sugar Bakery at quarter-of-seven.

The 23-year-old hockey player continued signing T-shirts emblazened with his perferred nickname "Nose-Face Killah" until the last fan was satisfied.


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