Former City Councilor Tobin Talks Spandex & Riding the Pan-Mass Challenge

Tobin said he will not be riding the Pan-Mass Challenge on a tricycle.


Former Boston City Councilor John Tobin is riding in the 2012 Pan-Mass Challenge, and spoke with West Roxbury Patch about why he's riding, how he trains and spandex.

Is this your first PMC - what made you decide to ride? 

Tobin: No, I rode last year. I organized a fundraiser a few years back at Nick's Comedy Stop for a group of friends. The more I got to know about the PMC and what is raises money for, I commited to riding in it myself.

Good Nick's Comedy Stop plug...

How's your training going? What have you been doing to get ready for the ride?

Tobin: I train for the PMC the same way I used to study for tests at - at the last possible minute. I have (rode) a couple of 20 mile runs so far and will get a little more time on the road in before August 4.

Are you going to be wearing riding spandex? Will they ever be fashionable?

Tobin: Spandex has never been, nor will it ever be, an option for me. It may have been fashionable in 1982 around the same time that Barracuda jackets and white Spot-Bilt coaches shoes were hot.

There are rumors being spread by that you will be riding a tricycle, can you confirm or deny these allegations?

Tobin: I was going to borrow a tricycle for the PMC but Stephen is using his that day.

How can someone support you or any other rider?

Tobin: Folks can donate to my ride or another riders (and a 100% goes to the same place) by visiting www.pmc.org/egifts. My egift ID is JT0181 and my fundraising goal is $3200. People have been very generous.

Do you miss being a Boston City Councilor?

Tobin: I do. However, the beauty of my is that I get to spend a lot of time at and in our neighborhoods working with the Mayor, my former colleagues and their staffs. I made friendships there that will last forever and for that I am grateful.

So let's say Mayor Menino said he weren't running again - do you think you'd make a run at being mayor?

Tobin: I think the Mayor is running again. I can't predict the future but all I can do is plan for it and right now that plan is to be at Northeastern for as long as they want me.

Anything else people should know about your riding in the PMC, how to support you, the challenge or anything else? 

Tobin: The race is grueling but the most rewarding part is coming up to about 300 yards or so away from each water stop and it being lined with kids with their moms and dads and brothers and sisters who have gone through or are currently going through cancer treatment thorugh the Jimmy Fund and Dana Farber. They are there to say thank you. It's at this moment that every cramp, muscle ache and blister goes away and it is replaced by a lump in your throat and tears in your eyes. It's also a time that I reflect on the fact that Kate and I are blessed with two beautiful healthy kids. If you are in my situation, why wouldn't you ride?

Stephen Smith July 25, 2012 at 11:33 AM
Totally unfounded that I was spreading rumors that Tobin was going to do the PMC riding a tricycle, I said a scooter : ) Good luck John & despite the tricycle line I'm glad to be supporting you !


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