West Roxbury Families Need Your Help This Holiday Season

West Roxbury Business and Professional Association 'adopts' three families.


The for its program to help families in need. The organizations aims to provide grocery deliveries to families with children as well as at-risk seniors and adults.

This Christmas WRBPA has also chosen to "adopt" three families who are in a particularly difficult circumstances.

Meet Sean, 11 and his dad, Stephen. Sean is an only child. Two years ago, Sean found his grandmother dead in their home. Sean had to deal with this loss, but life went on. Seven weeks ago, his mother, Judith, died at the age of 41.

"It's kind of hard for me right now," Stephen said. He works every day trying to make a home for his son. His income is limited and there is little money left after taking care of rent, utilities and food. Stephen says he is thankful for his friends and family who help.

"I want to learn to skate, but I don't have any," Sean says. He is crazy about the Boston Bruins and he and his dad love to watch sports.

"Do you think if I save up enough money I can go skate?" Sean asked his dad Tuesday evening.

"How can you when you have no job?" his dad answered and laughed.

Sean participates in after school care thanks to the ’s Reach Out program, which offers him a safe and nurturing place to be after school while his dad is at work. "I play floor hockey, kickball and basketball there," he said.

Seans talk much about his cousins, Tommy and Jenn. "He thinks Tommy is his big brother," his father says. Jenn says there is no money in the family's budget for Christmas gifts and knows Sean would appreciate a few gifts under the tree.

"I like to give people things. I use to give my mom gifts all the time, dad can tell you," Sean says.

Sean loves to read and is beginning to read "chapter" books. One of his favorites is the 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' series. Sean wears size 8-10 pants, large in shirts and coats and size 3 in shoes.

Information from a press release on the other families in need

Tatiana and Anna are the second Family in Need the WRBPA is adopting. Tatiana has battled breast cancer twice and is doing well now.Tatiana daughter, Anna is 9-years-old and a straight A student. Anna often hears "no" when she asks for something, but Tatiana said she seems to understand and accepts it. Life is very difficult for this family. Her husband walked out on the family, leaving Tatiana and Anna with no assistance. Tatiana is about to receive her last unemployment check and with the loss of unemployment compensation, she will have no income.

Anna loves to read, play the piano and help her mother cook. She does not like Barbie dolls but loves baby dolls. She is crazy about movies: the Muppets, Christmas themed movies, The Lion King; anything age appropriate. She likes to go out to lunch, movies, to parks and museums. She loves outdoor activities, including ice skating but doesn’t have skates. Anna wears size 10-12 pants, medium in tops and shoes, size 3.5 to 4, and large in coats.

The third family is a mother with three children. The last two years have been difficult as the father is not working and there is no child support. The family does not receive any public support and pays market rate rent.

Isaiah,11, is quiet and shy and is very fond of his little brother. He likes to read and excels academically. He loves movies at home but it is a real treat to actually go to the movie theater. He is a real homebody. His pant size is 12-14, tops, XL and 6 ½ in shoes.

Ava, 9, is the life of the party. She is outgoing, makes friends everywhere, is respectful but definitely has her own opinions. She is a straight A student, loves to read, and loves arts and crafts. She wears size 12-14 in pants, large in shirts and 5 ½ shoes.

Zachary, 3, is non-stop and always on the go. He is very energetic and enthusiastic. He loves trucks, cars, boats, airplanes, and helicopters. He is very intelligent and loves practicing writing his letters. He wears 5T in pants and tops and his shoe size is 10.

WRBPA compiles a list of those in need with the assistance of the YMCA, Ethos/AgeWell West Roxbury, the Boston Police Department and those known to the WRBPA.

Donations can be made payable to: FAMILY IN NEED and mail to the West Roxbury Business and Professional Association. Post Office Box 320113, West Roxbury, MA 02132.

Donations and gifts for the children can also be dropped off at the YMCA, Wicked Sharp, 1898 Centre Street or Reliable Trading Post, 115 Park Street, West Roxbury.


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