Jim Hanley
Jim Hanley is the founder and CEO of netBlazr. 
netBlazr is a locally-owned business that offers “nothing but net”, an Internet connection that is reliable and affordable and nothing else. No gimmicks, games, or tricks. Just broadband. Our company was founded by a group of tech entrepreneurs that was frustrated by all the games the big Internet companies play with their customers. Promotional offers that lead to huge price jumps after they expire, requirements to buy into services not needed, it’s all just a way for Comcast and Verizon to squeeze more revenue out of their users. We believe that everyone has their own way of using the Internet. You shouldn’t have pay for services you don’t want or need. And you definitely shouldn’t pay an inflated price for broadband just because you don’t want to do things their way. netBlazr provides affordable, high-speed internet to residences and business as an alternative to the “big guys” that force people into high-cost service bundles for things they don’t want. netBlazr provides simple, fast, inexpensive broadband with NO contracts, NO teaser rates, and NO termination fees
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